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  • Guaranteed scores are for composite scores only, not for individual subscores.
  • This guarantee is applicable only if the student has not received test preparation from any other commercial tutoring service.
  • No official guarantees can be made for initial scores over 32 from the PLAN or an actual ACT, although every student who takes the preparation course is likely to improve.
  • At this time, no SAT scores can be guaranteed, although students who have taken the course will most likely score at least 150 points over their composite PSAT score and/or 100 points over their composite score for a previously taken SAT.
  • Any student who takes the complete course but fails to achieve the guaranteed score is entitled to a set amount of additional tutoring at no charge to the student; however, a student is only entitled to this assistance if he/she has validated his/her guarantee. See "Conditions of Guarantee."

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