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Student Formation
founder and director Dave Laib attended District 86 elementary schools and graduated from Joliet Central High School near the top of his class.  He earned an Associate’s of Arts from Joliet Junior College, a Bachelor’s of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Moody Bible Institute, and later a Master’s of Science in Education from Philadelphia Biblical University.  Dave’s teaching experience includes high school English literature and yearbook at an international school in Bogotá, Colombia and then English and Spanish at a private school in central California.  He also worked as a full-time tutor in the Chicago suburbs for over a year and has taught courses on ACT/SAT preparation, given parent workshops on learning style theories, and provided teacher seminars on classroom management and strategies for more effective instruction.

Dave's own education in the public school system, his teaching experiences in private schools, and his time devoted to working individually with students have given him a great deal of insight into the world of both the instructor and the learner. One significant observation he has made is that many high-schoolers graduate without acquiring basic study skills.

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