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Every student who takes the test preparation course must validate his/her guarantee in order to be entitled to the services available to those who do not achieve the target score. In order to validate a guaranteed test score, the student must fulfill each of the following requirements:

  • Sign a contract that he/she understands and accepts the terms and conditions of the guarantee. This contract will be distributed at the first class session.
  • Submit a photocopy of his/her PLAN scores. This may be the original scores that were mailed to the house or a copy requested from the high school guidance office.
  • Attend all ten sessions of the preparation course.
  • Complete the assigned homework (practice tests) from sessions 1-8 and submit scores weekly.
  • Earn a 70% (7 out of 10) on at least 4 of 8 skill tests, which are given in class at sessions 3-10.
  • Earn a 70% (14 out of 20) on the math formulas quiz given at session 5.
If any one of these requirements is not met, the guarantee is not valid. Students will still improve their overall test scores, but Student Formation cannot guarantee a specific amount of improvement without the above stipulated commitment on the student's behalf. If a student meets each of these requirements yet fails to achieve his/her guaranteed score, Student Formation will be responsible for four (4) hours of private tutoring in the student's weakest areas at no charge to the student. Tutoring may be one-on-one or small groups (3 or less) depending on the availability of tutors. (One-on-one tutoring is always available at a rate of $40 per hour.)

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