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Preparing for COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS: Looking Beyond the Test

Student Formation's ACT/SAT preparation course is unique:

SMALL CLASS SIZES: We limit each class to ten students or less for a more personalized learning environment.

SOLID INSTRUCTION: Our instructors are enthusiastic, caring professionals who are highly qualified and well trained. They spend the majority of class time in hands-on development of academic skills, study skills, and critical thinking skills, not boring lectures or superficial techniques that only work for certain tests.

YEAR-ROUND COURSES: College entrance exam preparation courses are offered throughout the year so students may prepare for their tests when it most conveniently fits into their own schedules.

GUARANTEED RESULTS: We guarantee that students will not only achieve higher test scores but that they will build self-confidence and gain a fresh perspective on learning.

LONG-TERM FOCUS: The critical thinking skills and study habits that we teach will have an incredible impact on the student's life and stimulate learning for many years after the college entrance exams have passed.

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