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Core Values

Relationship is Everything

The most effective way to motivate a student is through the relationship with the teacher. To a student, the teacher is not just a knowledge-giver but a role model and mentor.

Testing is a Means to an End, Not the End Itself

The purpose of a test is to measure progress in a student's learning. Students learn in order to have more fulfilling lives, not so that they can do better on tests.

Critical Thinking is Key

Before, during, and after content area instruction, emphasis must be placed on critical thinking skills. Students who acquire facts and figures but do not know how to apply that information to new experiences have accomplished little more than memorize trivia.

Connection to Prior Knowledge

True learning occurs when a student links new information to prior knowledge or experiences. A new concept is merely a disembodied fact to be memorized for a test until it has been connected to a previously learned concept.

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